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Q: What is Sunny?​

A: Sunny ( is Solana’s composable DeFi yield aggregator. Learn more at

Q: How do I use Sunny?​

A: See the step-by-step guide here

Q: Where can I find key info about Sunny and SUNNY? ℹ️​

A: See for more info. (Further links below.)

Q: Which wallet should I use?​

A: Most users prefer for desktop and coin98 for mobile. You can find the full list of supported wallets at If you use a ledger, turn on blind signing

Q: Is there a public Sunny Audit?​

A: No, there is no public audit yet.

Q: How does the $SBR performance fee work?​

A: Performance fees are 16% charged from earned SBR APY.

For example SBR APY = 20%

sunny aggregator performance fees = 16%,

16% of 20% = 3.2%

Performance fees (%) = 3.2%

Note: current APY at a point of claiming rewards. which means the charges will be deducted from claimed rewards.

Sunny Token​

Q: What is the Sunny Governance token? What are the tokenomics and use case?​

A: Find a summary of the Sunny Governance token here:

Q: What is the total supply of SUNNY?​

A: Total supply of SUNNY is 19,884,700,000

Q: Where can I see SUNNY circulating supply?​

A: See blockexplorer (Note: this does not include unclaimed tokens)

Q: What is the token emission schedule? 📅​

A: Funds deposited in Sunny will automatically start earning SUNNY yield on August 28, 2021, at some time between 23:00–23:59 UTC. During the first 15 days of SUNNY rewards, 3.75% of the total supply (=0.25%/day) will be distributed to Sunny depositors. During the following 45 days, 4.5% of the total supply (=0.1%/day) will be distributed, and at the end of this boost period, the emission rate of SUNNY will drop.

Q: How are emissions per pool calculated?​

A: See

Q: Can I stake Sunny?​

A: There is nowhere to stake Sunny, but we are planning to integrate it:

Q: Do I need to mint SUNNY? Why does it show up as “Unknown Token”?​

A: There is no need to mint the token, as the wallet creates the token account automatically for the user. At the moment, most wallets identify $SUNNY as unknown token as they are not yet able to pull the metadata for it. Sonar ( will show the wallet balance

Q: Was there a VC round or token sale?​

A: No

Q: How can I buy/sell $SUNNY?​

A: $SUNNY is trading on Serum, the central limit order book on Solana. There are many Frontends which all use the same Serum liquidity on the backend. Aldrin: Bonfida: Symmetry:

On other GUIs, you will have to manually add the market until it is officially listed. See: . ERRORS + SUPPORT:

Q: I am clicking deposit, but the transaction is not going through?​

A: This is a bug with Solflare. Use Phantom or Sollet for now and we are working on fixing this

Q: "Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 0: custom program error: 0x1"​

A: Make sure you are leaving enough SOL in your wallet for fees

Q: I don't see my SUNNY or other token after trading on Serum (Aldrin etc.)​

A: Try settling the funds on

Q: The transaction fails with some error​

A: Make sure you have at least 0.1 SOL and try again

Q: My SBR rewards are less than they should be?​

A: This was a bug with Saber, a fix will be released soon, and they have an airdrop to compensate losses. See more details here: .


Q: Will there be more Airdrops?​

A: None are planned.

Q: What is the Osmosis airdrop?​

A: A snapshot has been taken, but will not be claimable until ~until October. To check the amount you are eligible for, see: Background info:

Solana General​